Trump asked by the Pacific island chain to declare emergency as typhoon strikes

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According to recent reports, The Northern Mariana Islands governor has urged Donald Trump, the U.S. President to declare state of emergency after a typhoon struck the Western Pacific territories in the U.S. overnight thereby causing damaged buildings and more so power blackouts within the entire area. According to the analysis done on the Typhoon Mangkhut, it was recorded that the typhoon passed over U.S. Pacific at ranging speeds of over 160 kph which is equivalent to 100 mph. This analysis was carried out earlier on Tuesday whereby a team from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was responsible in all operations that were carried out for the initial damage assessment.

However, till now there are no reports of any kind of casualties in those areas nor any kind of nearby Guam. In addition to this, a U.S. military spokesman in a statement said that the forces were are prepared and ready to assist the local authorities and more so Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in assisting them through all the 15 islands which are located between the Philippines and Hawaii. Guam however, is home to both U.S. naval bases and U.S. air force which holds an estimated of 7,000 troops. Valiant Shield, which is a two-week exercise which involved thousands of U.S. based personnel within the Western Pacific region was to be initiated on Monday.

However, weather agency PAGASA on Monday said that the Navy vessels currently have been moved out of Mangkhut path, which was according to the analysis and reports was strengthening every hour since Tuesday and headed was reported now heading toward Philippines northern part. The United States however is facing intense storms on majority fronts, with a tropical shaped like storm which is headed fast toward Hawaii and up to now, more than a million people have evacuated from North Carolina due to the expected worst hurricane which lastly occurred in three decades. Ralph Torres, Northern Mariana Islands governor, on the other hand sent a letter to president Trump requesting him to declare a state of emergency to help free up some disaster funds, in the anticipation of the upcoming typhoon which is considered to be catastrophic.