Some still wait to return home a year after the deadly Mexico earthquakes

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According to recent reports, this was after quakes struck Mexico and many people were displaced during the occurrence. Among this people is Guadalupe Padilla, who is still waiting to return to her home a year ago after the occurrence of the devastating earthquake which struck Mexico City thereby killing dozens of people. The 60-year-old security guard has lived in a wooden shack in a park facing the now-empty apartment block where she spent three decades of her life. Guadalupe Padilla, who is a 60-year-old security guard according to her statement for the year she has been living inside a wooden shack which was located in a park which on the other side are the empty apartment block whereby she spent almost 3 decades of her entire life. Padilla, however, is one among hundreds of people located within the capital who till today have been unable to go back to their respective homes. According to reporters who conducted interviews to some of this displaced people, the reporters found out that over a dozen people were left homeless after the occurrence of this quake.

In addition to this, early last year September, an 8.1 magnitude quake struck the Southern Mexico, thereby killing over 100 people and more so toppling and damaging buildings. This, however, didn’t end, on Sept. 19, which was just 12 days later was the anniversary whereby an earthquake which occurred in 1985 the same day claimed over tens of thousands lives of people living in Mexico City. Nevertheless, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook center of the entire country living about 370 people dead. Immediately after the occurrence of the first earthquake, Padilla, fearing about her apartment and when the second earthquake occurred she so it was unsafe to stay in her apartment so she had to flee to a safer zone and waited till the earthquake tremor stooped completely and her building get repaired so that she could go back. More so many people who were interviewed by reporters said that they were still waiting for promised assistance by government to get back to their homes.