Ryanair will charge now for hand luggage

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Ryanair, the Irish airline, will charge 8 euros from November for hand luggage and will only allow travel with a small package for free, as published by El País in its Friday edition.

In addition, that hand luggage for which they have paid 8 euros passengers will have to check it at Ryanair counters, before passing the airport security control, and travel in the warehouse, which will have to collect it in the tapes of luggage on arrival. To be able to carry a suitcase and also in the cabin, Ryanair only leaves another option also for payment: the priority passenger rate.

Thus, passengers who do not pay the priority rate will have to pay 8 euros for each suitcase of up to 10 kilos if they pay in advance with their reservation. But if you add later the right to carry a suitcase, the cost will amount to 10 euros. If the user has not checked in that suitcase and arrives at the boarding gate, he must pay 25 euros and his suitcase will be lowered to the warehouse.

As for the bag type bulk that all travelers can take on board, it will have to have measures 40x20x25 centimeters. “It’s the equivalent of a bag, a backpack or a computer case,” says this national newspaper.

The measure will take effect on November 1 but will apply to flights booked from September 1.

A new change of the company

As you may remember, not even seven months have passed since this airline launched a new baggage policy, which is now changing again.

This determined that only customers with ‘Priority Boarding’ (included in the Plus, Flexi Plus & Family Plus fares) can upload two pieces of hand luggage to the plane. All other clients (without Priority Boarding) could upload a single small package to the plane, while the bulkier package would be lowered to the hold free of charge at the boarding gate.

A measure that has become obsolete and from which a compulsory tariff is imposed as of November.