Mystery woman who was caught by Texas security cameras with wrist restraints is now safe with the police

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According to recent reports from Texas, A woman who was partially dressed who appeared briefly on security camera footage heading home in a Houston suburban subdivision which appeared to be broken restraints from her wrists has been located today and she is now secure in the Text police station. This information was reported by the Texas police earlier on Wednesday. According to the Montgomery Sheriff’s Office reports ,this mystery woman is aged 32, and was the girlfriend of a man who allegedly died of a self-directed gunshot wound who was confirmed to be the same person on the security camera footage.

According to the shared online video, which spread widely over the internet shows a woman who seems to be approaching a house door in the Sunrise Ranch subdivision with only a T-shirt. Nevertheless, the woman had also what seemed to be a broken restraints on both her wrist. However, the woman’s identity has not yet being released since from the police department, the woman in the video is one of the many victims of family violence. The ooffice in the department aid in an open statement, where the officer denied to releasing further information concerning the woman.

However, according to Local media, the woman is from Dallas area and at the moment is now living with her relatives. On the other hand, the Deputies have interviewed the neighborhood whereby the incident of the man’s shooting took place in the north of Houston after which the woman ranged a resident doorbell at around 3:20 a.m. last Friday and then walked away. However family violence has been one of the major problems among families. The officer said in a statement that this has brought more tension within the police department in Texas. He said that majority of crimes reported for the last few months are concerned with family matters.

Nevertheless, the woman stated above suffered from a more intense family violence which not only left her with wounds but also left her partner dead.  This was a serious issue and the office said it was their work to ensure safety and peace among families and other individuals at large.