Facebook must comply with EU consumer rules by the end of 2018 otherwise face sanctions

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According to recent reports, Europe’s justice chief yesterday during an interview with reporters gave the U.S. social media giant which is famously known as Facebook (FB. O) until end of this year. According to her, the platform has the remaining month comply with the EU consumer rules or else the platform faces sanctions. On Thursday, Vera Jourova, who is European Justice Commissioner in addition to her statement also added that Airbnb which is another operating firm with Europe had made all the necessary changes required by the European countries after the company was asked three months ago to make some changes within its company and the company complied perfectly and made all the necessary changes within a spun of three months. On Wednesday, this statement given by Vera Jourova, who is European Justice Commissioner was confirming by her office.

In addition to this, Jourova said in a statement that her patience at the moment has reached its limit. Nevertheless, he added that Facebook, after she offered the platform with letter of compliance, the company assured him that they will finally adapt to any remaining of the misleading terms of services before the end of December, however, this to her has been ongoing for long.

Finally, in her closing statement, Jourova said that now, it is time for doing some action and stop the empty promises with no fulfillment. She continued saying that if all changes she requested are not implemented at the end of this year, then she is going to call the consumer authorities to act fast and swiftly and start sanctioning the company. February this year, Jourova also in her fast attempt to issues compliance action, she fold different company and more so other social media platforms in  toeing the line. According to her, the compliance of the companies will not only help the country but also protect the users within Europe to have safe connection without fear of unethical content and so on. This compliance letter by Vera is expected to be followed to the letter before the end of this year.