Cooking Time: Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping Make Pancakes Together

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Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s premier Xi Jinping on Tuesday took a break from their tough schedule and stepped into the kitchen to flip some traditional Russian pancakes on the sidelines of an economic forum happening in Russia.
Xi is in Russia to attend an event in the Russian far eastern city of Vladivostok. The focus of this event is on economic ties between both countries and North Korea.
The two leaders got some time out of their tight schedule and went to the “Far East Street” – an exhibition of the region’s cultural and economic achievements – to toss Russian pancakes called blini.
In the photos, both can be seen wearing blue aprons, pouring out the batter and turning the pancakes over. Later they ate their own made pancakes with caviar and a shot of vodka in the far eastern Russian city of Vladivostok.

Before this activity, both premiers appreciated the increasingly close ties between the both countries.
“[Their] Friendship was getting stronger all the time”, President Xi said.
Xi has come with a delegation of almost 1,000 Chinese businessmen and officials to the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia.
After hours of talks and discussions on serious matters, Putin took Xi down to the Sea of Japan waterfront, where both presidents cooked up the blini.
It is not the first time to cook together; In June when Putin visited he made a Chinese pancake which was later served to Xi.
The historic rivals are looking forward to friendly relations with each other amid pressure from Washington, which is fighting a trade war with China and levelling new sanctions on Russia.