Afghanistan Elections: Will Afghans Choose Ballots or Bombs?

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Afghanistan elections are scheduled for this Saturday and despite the political violence and the defective electoral process, many people are looking forward to a chance to vote their preferred candidates. If all goes as planned, millions of Afghans will cast ballots that day to determine their leaders, then they can at least enjoy the peace and democracy that has been lacking for a long time in the country.

Waiting to be elected are over 2500 candidates, 400 of who are women, all gearing up for the lower house of parliament and district councils. This is the highest number of candidates the country has ever produced before. The desire for many people though is that the war with Taliban and other Islamist militants will come to an end and the country will enjoy some peace.

Coming this far with the elections has not been easy though. The elections have for instance been delayed for three years. There are also reports about forged voter IDs and stolen ballots. A popular candidate was killed and The Taliban has claimed responsibility. The Taliban has also threatened to prevent voting in the over 40 voting districts that they control. There is also the Islamic State in Afghanistan, another militant group that is threatening to disrupt voting by conducting attacks.

What many people are expecting to see is the willingness of the Afghans to cast their ballots notwithstanding all the problems and threats.  It may not be easy especially after the indiscriminate attacks that have been witnessed in the past but people are hopeful that this will work in the end.

Afghans are facing so many challenges, some more serious than others, and if they have a strong desire to end violence then they might enjoy beautiful fruits of their resilience in the end.